Sporting the Gavel Now

Over the last two weeks I made it my goal that in between doing my daily’s and tanking I was going to get the honor to buy the Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel , which was a giant upgrade for me in terms of spell damage and thus threat. Yeah I was all excited to hop into my first AV and than I realized that protection pally DPS sucks. I could sit there and bang on cloth armor and it did not even leave a mark. Talk about a “reality check”. Here I am the big bad tank who can handle Kara without breaking a sweat and yet I can not kill anything. Nothing. Watching the grass grow during a drought is more entertaining than PvP.

Eventually I came to the realization that AV’s were not that bad since they give good honor and are usually over pretty fast. Than I realized I needed 20 of the Eye of the Storm marks also. OK I can do this and I hop into one. 45 minutes later half the team it still arguing over the tactics while the other half the team is in the middle fighting for the flag even though we only have 1 base at the time (wtf ?) So that was the biggest part of the struggle was getting those 20 marks. The whole time I was only ever in one winning battle and that was purely by total luck that we won that (we only won by 10).

It used to be that I never understood people talking about losing BG’s fast just for marks but after this last week I think I totally understand why they are doing it. No I have never done it, probably never will, but I certainly understand why they do it.

In the end though I earned enough marks and honor to buy it in about 6 days. So overall that is not too bad considering the type of upgrade it was for me. Hopefully though my PvP days are behind me for a long time.


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