Stubborn to Change

I played Eve Online for many years and thought I would continue playing it up until the servers went dead for good.  But that did not happen.  Eve is still going strong today but I no longer spend any time at all playing it, nor do any of the other numerous people I met playing that game. 

No, it was not World of Warcraft that killed me on playing Eve Online, it was Eve Online itself. 

You see this game I had spent years playing daily and all the while learning all the little things that were there to learn, well the game developers suddenly decided to change everything there was about the game I loved.  New interface, new graphics, new tactics, etc…  And trust me it is not that I mind learning new things it is just that I enjoy the familiarity with which I play these games.  I have leveled several characters to level 70 in WoW and I enjoy knowing where the quest givers are, the drops, and all the other numerous shortcuts we all learn as we play.  Eve took it all away from me in one major upgrade patch. 

This inevitably leaves me to worry some as Wrath of Lich King gets closer; it seems they are “possibly” implementing a lot of changes to numerous classes’ and the way they interact with both PvP opponents, and PvE opponents.  While I think some of these are needed, some other seem totally unnecessary to me.  Examples are the changes to no longer making it viable to down rank spells, changing what certain stats do to your overall performance (strength, attack power, stamina, etc … )  I mean I have spent over 2 years playing my characters one way and now all of a sudden they change that up and I need to learn something totally different?  And it is not just the way we play them it is our whole mindset on what gear choices we make and everything.  I just worry these changes are too broad and game changing and in the end will possibly make some long time WoW players leave.    

Now I am not even close to any type of panic mode and I really am looking forward to this next expansion and hopefully Blizzard knows what they are doing and this will make the game even better.  Still something about this many massive changes to classes and style of play worry’s me. 

I guess in the end it comes down to me just being stubborn about change, in game and in real life.


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