Blogging for Money ?

I now this is not pally related but there has been an interesting debate over at the Blog Azeroth forums recently about people blogging for money using ads. There is a lot of people both for and against it and both sides have some very convincing arguments, all of which I have read thru while trying to learn something new.

You see I am a totally new blogger and I am learning the ropes as I go. So when the more experienced bloggers put something down about how they feel about something I sit right up and listen. In my opinion if they have managed to keep their blog going for a while and keep up the writing than I need to listen and learn from them. The interesting thing is that some of the more experienced bloggers agreed with the opening poster about making money on a blog, but they disagreed with the amount they were trying to make. Where the original person was trying to make a total profit off his blog, most of the more experienced bloggers are only looking to make enough to pay for the hosting and domain fees.

Which brings be back around to why I am writing this post. I managed to keep an open mind while reading all the different comments and opinions but the more I looked at the money maker blogs the more I did not like the fact that I was seeing a lot of gold selling ads. (the original poster also had a post for setting up a private server which is a violation of Blizzard’s ToS and this was pointed out to him by several posters). Not only that but while there was several decent blog post, the majority of the post were just links to other peoples blogs. I assume this is there way of getting a lot of trackbacks and thus getting more hits per day. But in reality is there any point to getting a ton of hits if no one ever wants to come back to your blog?

I mean I do not kid myself that my writing here is not worth much to anyone but me. When I made the decision to start this blog it was because I was looking for a creative outlet to get back into writing some and to give my opinions and thoughts on a game I dearly love. At this time I am not looking to make a single penny on this venture. In the future will I feel the same way? I am not sure. Right now I have all the aspirations of one day being a major blogger like Matticus , having my own domain name, and hosting my own blog, but that is a long ways off. Hopefully if that time comes I will remember the “why” I started this blog and resist the temptation to “commercialize” in an attempt to make major profit and just be content with trying to make enough to sustain it.



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2 responses to “Blogging for Money ?

  1. As someone on the side of non-commercial, I believe that the ads and suchlike detract from the content that the author wishes us to read, and more importantly reduces the likely hood I want to go back. While blogs can be a commercial success, the majority of WoW gaming blogs are actually fandom content, our thoughts and feelings, we could commercialise them, however the community is stronger for being able to take in everything and improve it as we go.

    I put an entrecard on my site for the last few days, and being honest its not very me I don’t think, I will leave it up until the ads on it finish (I rejected about 200 ads so far and accepted a few gaming ones),then take it down, it might drive people to / from my site but it doesn’t fit with the page itself.

  2. wowtank101

    Entrecard seems like a totally different monster to me. While some people swear by it a lot of people say it is just a pain trying to filter out which “cards” you want to let display on your site.

    As far as your site goes I like the whole layout and feel of the site. Even the entrecard portion is so small and so well positioned that I barely notice it all. (i am ashamed i had to scroll up and down twice to even spot it) But if you are having to reject over 200 ads so far than that is just more of a pain than it is worth.

    I agree with you that with the ads I think sites get more hits but the “dedicated” readers they lose out on.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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