Productive Kara

This past Friday evening I logged on and there was talk of a full clear Kara run. We had a few people who were locked into a run from earlier in the week that stopped at Curator and since they wanted to finish there run themselves later in the weekend (never happened) we decided to make a second group and just see what happened. I volunteered to help tank since I really could use the badges.

Remarkably the run filled very fast with the exception of healers. We had none on from the guild that were not already locked into a run. So the raid leader checked the LFG tool and found a priest and pally healer that were available for the whole run. I will admit that I was a little skeptical since they were both unguilded with decent gear so that kind of worried me.

By the time we had found the healers we were already starting the summons to Kara and pretty soon we were underway.

The raid leader was our normal warrior main tank with me handling off tank duties. I have only been in the guild for about 3 weeks and with my work schedule I only make about 2 raids per week so they had no idea what I was capable of and what I could handle. We cleared the trash to Attumen and the plan was for me to tank Midnight and than the warrior tank handle Attumen. Only problem was by the time Attumen was in my consecrate and starting to beat on me it was enough threat to make it difficult for the other tank to pull him off so I just tanked them both with no problems.

After this point the raid leader did have a little more faith in my tanking so to speed up the run for the rest of the trash we alternated pulling everyone but AoE pulls which I handled completely.

We were flying right along and regretfully no really decent loot was dropping so I was DE’ing everything that dropped. (i was the dedicated disenchanter for this run) Before long we had to make a decision. One of our guild members was trying to finish a Slave Pens run so that he could kill Nightbane to get the remainder of his quest completed for the “Hand of Adal” title. After some discussion we decided to save Nightbane for last and continued on the run. (by the time he finished SP we were out of Kara… oh well maybe this week)

We barely had even a death and had really no problems at all until we got to Netherspite. My job was to take the green beam first and red beam second. Green beam was no problem for me but I had never taken the red beam. (only 2 boss’s I never tanked in Kara and it is netherspite and prince) On our first attempt the transition went smooth, I took the green beam and we had no problems at all. After the first banish I moved into position for the red beam and picked up the big ol’ dragon with no problem at all. We had him at about 35% when the person on green beam lost it and before they could recover Netherspite was back to almost 90% health. Pally DI used for the wipe recovery and we let him reset. Netherspite take two went remarkably well up until about 25% when I went splat. Not sure what happened since even when I looked in the combat log I was not getting hit for much.

(Editors Note – I have since learned from other tanks that I need to dance in and out of the red beam every 5 seconds to help control the health debuff stack. Never knew that so hopefully that will work better for me this coming week)

After Netherspite was down we proceeded to keep the train moving right up to Prince. First time we wiped do too unlucky infernal drops that left us with no place to move him. We reset the encounter and proceeded to drop him with no problem at all.

Only boss left was Nightbane and we had one person volunteer to leave so we could bring in an extra healer. No problems at all. Warrior tank on boss himself and me picking up all the adds during the airborne phase.

All in all no major loot for yours truly. I did pick up the Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden which found a way into my boss tanking set. Other wise at the end of the night the guild had picked up 22 void crystals and two excellent healers. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that no only were they superior healers who know there class very well, they also enjoyed being around us and decided to join the guild. So even though this was farm content for us it still was a productive night.


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