Raiding Tank ???

You know I never had any aspirations of raiding when I leveled my pally.  I just wanted to be able to tank some dungeons, move on to heroics, and than maybe just get into some Kara groups.  I was just looking for the happy life of a simple minded dwarf tank.  Now I am starting to become a raiding tank.  (that’s a good thing)  Not that I am trying to compare myself to the other pally tanks who are tanking in T6 and Sunwell content, I know most of you guys can do Kara, Mags, and Grull with your eyes closed and eating a pizza, but to me this is exciting and new.  The game is feeling exciting to me again. 

This past week I logged on for our weekly guild Gruul’s run.  (23 guild members and 2 pug DPS was final count)  I had signed up for the raid but knew that since my level of gear was not as good as some of the other tanks that I might get left behind.  Hey no problem from me I understand completely.  Instead I was indeed brought into the raid and utilized to tank some on the High King Maulgar event.  I started off with the Priest Add (no problem there) and than once one of the other tanks went down I was able to grab his add and hold it while we burned it down.  Our warrior main tank handled HKM.  Overall no problem at all and the best part was the Paladin Shoulder Token dropped and I won the roll.  (Justicar Shoulderguards)  These were a big upgrade for me since they replaced the blue quality PvP shoulders. 

Next we moved on to Grull himself and proceeded to wipe the floor up with him.   We used the same guild warrior main tank to handle Grull and he again was superb in his tanking of the boss.  Next came the loot and having my heart break.  The Paladin Leg Token dropped and even though I was the only one who needed them we have the normal loot rules that only one epic per night with no exceptions.  I was fine with this just a little disappointed.  But no worry’s there will be more nights on Gruul.  So as we were getting ready to move on I hear the person who won the roll say on vent to give it the Hammer since it was a large upgrade for me and all they wanted it for was there off spec.  I could not stop thanking them enough and was down right ecstatic. 

So at the end of 2 boss’s I was now sporting the Justicar Legguards and the Justicar Shoulderguards.   

Now came a kind of defining point for the guild on this night.  We normally raid from 6:30 to 10:00 pm, but since HKM and Gruul had dropped so fast we were left with a full raid and no plans on what to do.  Several people said lets go kill Mag’s (this was originally scheduled for the next night) and after some debate among the guild leaders it was finalized to head for Mag’s Lair.  I say this was defining since while the guild had been able to kill all these boss’s before, it was never able to be done on the same night.  

I was both scared and excited.  I had never been in Mag’s lair but I had watched several videos of the fight and read enough strategy guides to know all about clicking.  The only problem was that I was not the only person making my first venture into visit Mag’s. 

One of our pug dps had to bail out (I don’t think they had faith in our ability to kill Mags) but we quickly found a replacement from our own guild.  Trash was no problem and pretty soon we were face to face with Mag’s himself.  He is a lot more impressive in person than on the YouTube videos, if I do say so myself.  The raid leader took a few extra minutes to go over the whole fight and hand out assignments.  Luckily for me I was tanking the mob just inside the entrance door and clicking that same cube, I say lucky since with the door being there it gave me a good point of reference to be able to get back to the same spot each time.  So we had the count down and started the event.  I was actually tanking the 3rd mob that was to be killed and had one healer (priest) keeping me alive. I was actually very surprised that they did not hit very hard and I needed very little healing. 

With all the adds down we started in on the big guy himself.  Everything looking good, no deaths, the “clickers” told to click on vent and in raid chat, and one person got turned around and went to the wrong cube.  Wipe.  Hey no problem at all it happens to everyone in the heat of the battle.  So we all run back and get set to go again. 

Mags take 2 was perfect (at least from my point of view).  The clickers were right on top of it, and towards the end when a few of the assigned clickers died we were able to transition people right over and continue with no problem at all. 

By the end of the night we had killed HKM, Gruul, and Mag’s for the first time in a single night and with plenty of time to spare.  I was very excited, both by my new set pieces and just by the fact of seeing new content I never thought I would get to see.


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