Interesting Shatt Halls Run

Two days ago I had a very interesting heroic shattered halls run.  It was the daily and even though I had never tanked it on heroic I had done it so many times on regular that I felt confident in knowing the pulls well enough to make it through. 

After putting myself in the LFG tool I get a whisper from a druid asking me if I want to start a group.  After about 10 minutes we have the full group consisting of:  Pally Tank (me), druid DPS, mage DPS, pally Healer, and a shaman dps.  From the class makeup it seemed like a pretty solid group. 

Now I am not a big person on inspecting every persons gear in my group since I assume (bad me) that if they joined the run they know they can handle it.  After this run I might need to rethink this rule though. 

We get all buffed up and I start pulling.  I explain to the group that I do not mark much in the beginning since there is no need for CC until a little later in the instance.  Trash pulls are going good with no deaths but it is taking a while for the mobs to die.  I mean like some of the mobs that are not being killed are being brought down to around half health just from my consecrate and beating on me.  Oh well maybe they are just being cautious on not pulling agro from the tank.  No worry yet. 

We get to the first boss’s room and I tell everyone to get ready for boss.  Any questions?  None.  OK let’s do this.  Drop the 4 trash mobs and on to the boss we go.  I normally tank him starting on the right hand side of the room and than slowly move him when he drops the Void Zones close to the melee.  I see the shammie and the druid taking damage, tell them to move, they do not listen so down they go.  Great.  So it’s me, pally healer, and a mage left with boss at about 65%.  Well we stick with it and take him down with no more deaths.  The last 20% where you only use ranged attacks was quite interesting but hey we got it done. 

Rez everyone and move on.  Gauntlet is no problem and Blood Guard Porung goes down without incident although it is very slowly. 

At this point the mage DC’s and after a couple of minutes I start looking for a replacement.  Find a warlock since there is no CC available.  Now suddenly the healer has to go help their guild so they leave.  Find a shammie healer in LFG tool who agrees to come along.  Trust me this is where the run starts to get interesting. 

The shammie healer is definitely over geared for the instance and he tells everyone in the group how great he is and points out every single flaw.  Lucky for me he could not find anything about my tanking to complain about so I was let off easy on that point.  But from the tank and appointed leader of the group’s point of view I felt bad.  Yeah some of the group were under geared (I had figured this out by now) but they were at least trying.  I kept pointing out that we were over halfway done so let’s just keep moving and finish this run. 

We pulled almost to Warbringer when the healers comments were getting worse and worse and he was posting damage meters after every pull and yelling at the dps for their terrible numbers (they were bad but hey we were not wiping so stop complaining in my opinion) Well this was too much for the shammie dps and he said a lot of bad words to the healer and left.  I wish I could say I was mad at him for leaving us but in reality he lasted longer then I would have.  So off to the LFG tool I go. 

This time we get a druid dps (boomkin) who is also over geared for the instance.  Warbringer goes down without incident and we move on to Warchief.  At this point in time the healer starts whispering me that he does not think we can kill boss with the dps we have and wants me to kick the warlock and druid so we can bring in other dps.  I refuse and say that if we wipe 2 times than I will disband the group and we can bring in any one he wants too.  He agrees and while I am hoping the comments in party chat will stop they don’t. 

So we clear all the trash to Warchiefs entrance and I explain the strategy I use.  Everyone go inside the room and spread out.  Healer goes in to the right rear corner so any mobs that run towards him have to go through my consecrate.  I tank him just a hair to the right of the entrance so the ranged adds have to run inside. 

After the first Blade Dance I knew we were in trouble since people just did not have enough stamina to hold up.  Even though the healer and I were fine it did not take long for us to get overwhelmed and die. 

On the run back I tell everyone this is the last go.  So if they have any tricks this is the time to use them.  I also again explain that all healing from the healer is on me and they need to pot, bandage, etc to heal themselves. 

Everyone back inside and gets buffed up and the healer whispers me again.  He still doubts we can do this but he is willing to go this one last time and watch us wipe.  Only change is he is dropping some of his +healing pieces and adding some +damage to see if he can heal and help with the dps. 

So I pull, everyone goes inside and stays spread out, all adds staying on me, and down goes warchief.  Not even one death this time.  No good loot but at least we completed the daily quest and I got more badges which is all I really wanted. 

After the run I reflected some on the healer’s comments and if I could of handled the situation better.  I mean as the tank and appointed leader of most 5 man groups I feel like it is my job to sort of be like a coach and keep morale high, keep the group moving, and keep them excited about doing the best job they can.  In this circumstance I felt my hands were tied since the healer was so good, and as we all know us tanks love well geared healers to keep us alive.


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