Dear Coren Direbrew … I Hate You

Dear Coren Direbrew,

I hate you.  No really I do.  When Brewfest first started I was so excited about the two mounts and of course the tanking trinket.  Over the last several days I have killed you no less than 5 times per day.  Some times as many as 9 times.  (hey I’m a tank so if I can not summon so what)  Still no love from you to me.  

Two days ago I come visit you just to day “hi” and my whole group manages to insult you and after 5 kills you drop a mount 4 times (3 rams / 1 kodo) and I … managed … to .. lose… the … roll … FOUR … TIMES.  I hate you. 

Yesterday I got into a group with all summons available, and than 2 of the people said they had alts sitting outside the instance if we did not mind letting them alternate different characters in for summons.  Hey works for me, the more summons the merrier.  In total we had 9 chances to insult you, beat you, and than rob you of all your good loot.  (5 from the group and 4 alts).  At the end I had every trinket I could possibly ever use EXCEPT the tanking trinket that I want and not one mount dropped.  /cry

I mean really what is a dwarf to do to get some love from you and the loot Gods?  Please in the name of King Bronzebeard have a heart and give me what I want.  Than perhaps we can work a deal about me not killing you anymore.  (no guarantees on this part but I can try) 




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