Profession Decisions

Professions have always been one of the things that drive me mad in WoW.  I am always looking for what benefits me most and will last me the longest on the content I aim to see.  For example I went with enchanting for the ring enchants since they a help a lot with both overall stats and with threat (+ spell damage).  My next decision was whether to level engineering or not.  Since I got to raiding pretty late in my pally tanking career I decided to level mining and stockpile materials until I got a better feel for the professions in WoLK.  I currently have enough materials to power level Engineering, Blacksmithing, or Jewel crafting.  The question is which one????  I have an alt that can do all the mining for me to help with materials. 

I also understand that I could drop enchanting.  I know that right now compared to some other professions (leatherworking) that enchanting is kind of lacking with only the ring enchants.  But I really do like it. It makes me decent money with selling enchanting materials and I enjoy being able to enchant my own gear and that of my friends and guild mates.  So than the question becomes even if it is not the best profession for me, since I enjoy it should I still keep it? 

Currently I am leaning towards either Blacksmithing or Jewel crafting.  Being able to add extra gem slots seems like a big plus for me, plus the regular crafted gear seems pretty nice also.  On the other hand being able to equip 3 of the BoP Gems along with the trinkets with gem slots is also pretty nice.  Man this is a tough decision.  I have been agonizing over this for months and something tells me that I still have a couple more weeks to keep doing this.  I think it is going to come down to what BoP equipment the blacksmith can make.  I have knocked engineering off my list since even though the goggles are nice it seems like they can be replaced in the 10 man content in WoLK, in contrast the BC goggles lasted almost until the very end of 25 man content. 

From my point of view I honestly think that Blizzard is on the right track with the majority of professions.  I can not speak intelligently on Alchemy since I do not currently have a character with it maxed nor do I plan on raising it at all in WoLK.  As far as the other professions I think that anytime you see numerous threads on all different forums about what professions best benefit your class and numerous people are giving different answers than I think we have a winning scenario.  It seemed a lot like you were almost required to have certain professions in BC due to the amount of benefits they gave your class, and I do not think pigeonholing any aspect of game play is a good thing for the community. 

Oops seems like I got off on another one of my tangents I am so great at.  Basically I guess it all comes down to what information is released over the next few weeks about WoLK.  I would really like to decide on my professions when the next patch comes out so I can have it max leveled for the release of WoLK.  I am almost positive I am going to keep enchanting; I just like it too much to give it up without getting something truly amazing in return.  As for my second profession…. Well who knows?  Maybe blacksmithing and maybe jewel crafting or maybe even something entirely different depending on what happens between now and than.  If you put a gun to my head and made me choose today it would be Blacksmithing. 

**update**  The one problem I am seeing with my plan is that since my Pally is going to be the main target for my leveling I am wondering if I should not keep Mining until closer to level 80 so I can pick up ore as I go through the leveling process.  Than around level 78 or so power level whatever my second profession choice is.  More decisions …..


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