Why Pallys Are the BEST …..

This is one of the shared topics from Blog Azeroth . I must admit it was kind of fun to write.

Hammer of Justice – when your man is just lacking hitting all the right spots a Pally can hammer it home.

Concentration Aura – you ever been with someone who gets sidetracked just about the time everything is getting good ? Or the phone rings? Or the football game is on? With us you will not have that problem since we we only concentrate on you.

Seal of Command – I know all you ladys like a man that can take command of the situation and make it all happen just the right way.

Fire Resist Aura – No matter how hot it gets with us there is no need to worry about anyone getting burned.

Holy Shield – no need for protection when I have the holy shield all ready.

Lay on Hands – no foreplay from your man ? Goes to sleep right afterwards and leave you all alone ? Not us… we are always ready to lay our hands on you.

Holy Guidance – most guys are only guessing about how to make you feel just right. Not us, we have Holy Guidance to make sure we do everything you need done.

Blessing of Kings – increases total stat’s by 10% …. That is 10% more of everything you want me to give you.

2 handed weapon specialization – Now you are unlinkely to hear a pally bragging about his weapon out loud, but just know that it takes 2 hands to hold it and we are specialized in using it.

And the #1 Reason Why We Are the Best : Crusader Aura : Increases mounted speed by 20%. I will leave this to your imagination about just how good this feels.


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