Fishing 375 … Finally

No major accomplishment but I did set a goal to get my fishing to 375 and I finally did meet that goal today.  Even though it is just constant casting I must admit that with the fishing daily and the pools of fish it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  At the same time though I am not looking forward to having to raise it again when WoLK comes out. 

** Note **  One thing to keep in mind about fishing is that while it does sometimes get boring, it is a easy and relaxing way to make money.  And I am not talking about just the fishing daily, but a lot of the higher level fish you catch can be cooked and sold for a decent amount of money.  I did not totally keep track but I made a couple of hundred gold while raising my fishing the last few points.  Not bad money for watching a movie and clicking on a bobber.


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