Warrior Out of Retirement ?

I am currently going through quite a tough decision on whether to bring one of my old mains out of retirement and back into the tanking limelight. A little over a year ago my wife had been playing a warrior to level 70 when she decided she had enough of the game and no longer wanted to play. Being the enterprising husband that I am I offered to continue playing her character in the chance that she might one day want to return. I had quite good success in the raid environment, and managed to tank up to Gurtogg Bloodboil in BT, and all but Lady Vashj in T5 content. (we killed her I just was not the progression tank for the encounter)

One of the problems I had was that I really enjoyed doing 5 man instances and while killing every single boss was not a problem; all the trash in the instances was not enjoyable at all. I just felt like AoE tanking was something I would never master, and while I managed it, the end result was usually less than pretty. So after running some instances with a pally and watching how effortlessly they were able to AoE I made the decision to switch which brought me to Honorshammer now.

I have no regrets about the switch at all. I enjoyed learning a new way to tank and have really enjoyed “some” success. Not quite as much as I did with my warrior but still enough that I was happy. (all t4 content completed) Plus I completed some secondary goals with the pally that I have never done before (fishing 375, all heroics completed at least once, etc…). Like I said nothing that has not been done a million times before but it made the game fun again and made me want to keep logging in. In the end isn’t that what it is all about?

So why am I thinking about changing back to the warrior?

Well unless you have been living in a igloo with the Eskimo’s you are aware of all the tanking buffs all the class’s have received, but in my opinion the warrior in particular is getting some much needed buffs to help them do there job properly, and the way it should have been done from the beginning. As I said before the main reason I changed was the problems with AoE tanking as a warrior and with all the new talents and skills this should be largely a mute point.

Do I think pally tanking is done?

Not by a long shot. We have got a large amount of changes and in the end I think we have became even more of a viable true “main tank” for guilds looking at progressing.

In the end which is better?

Probably neither. Just what we get comfortable with as a player. So which one am I am more comfortable with or fits my style? I honestly can not say at this time. WoLK is a great time to possibly change mains and try something different or go back to something old and see if it feels new again. I know I still want to tank and I want my focus to be on 5 and 10 man encounters, and if I ever progress to the 25’s than that is fine but not one of my short term WoLK goals.

Well that was a lot of talking but not much decision making. I guess sometimes I just feel the need to put all my thoughts down in words so I can think about decisions even more. I am definitely taking both tanks to 80 the only question is which one first. Most likely I will take the Pally to 80 first and give it an honest try and see how I like it. Plus he still has mining so I can more easily gather materials for BS and JC. I will probably switch the warrior back over to a tank spec with this next content patch and try out some instances and see how it feels and plays. Right now he is fury for doing some dailies and making some extra money.

What does this mean for the blog in general?

You will probably see it going from a total pally tanking blog to more of a Plate wearing tank blog (pally and warrior). Not much as a change in general but just something to keep in the back of your mind.

So welcome another 70 tank to the blog roll : Durik


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  1. Wewt, soon warriors will take over the world!

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