MY Final Countdown

Well we are T – Minus 5 weeks and counting down to the release of WoLK. Not to mention the fact that we are under a week for the reported release of the next content patch with our new level 80 talents and a ton of changes to every class pretty much changing the overall dynamics of everything we used to know about our class. (saves my usual rant for another blog) So one of the popular blog titles has been what are you doing these final few weeks before WoLK hits the stores?

Here is my top 5 list:

  1. Money, Money, Money … : I am a firm believer that no amount of gold is enough. While I do not spend a lot of time farming I do try to complete a couple of dailies almost every day on my main and at least 1 or more of my alts. I especially try to complete the Gaining the Advantage quest in Shatt for the Nether Residue since I am already flying around looking for mining nodes and the extra money from the daily is just a big plus. After buying another alt their epic flyer last week (that gives me 4 alts with epic flyers) I am down below where I am comfortable at. I would like to have between 7 – 10k gold by the time Nov 13th gets here. I feel that should give me enough money to not worry about repair fees, gear upgrades, and get some spiffy new items from my professions.
  2. Reputation Grinds: I like goals. I enjoy setting a goal than watching myself progress towards that goal and than of course when I achieve it. Reputation grinds are an easy goal to watch as the results roll in. Between the scrolling text showing reputation gains and the reputation bar itself you have a visible means of tracking your progress. Before WoLK I want to complete reputation grinds with Kurenai , Sporegarr , and Timbermaw Hold .  I am revered with all but Timbermaw so this should not be any major undertaking. At least with the new achievements it does give more meaning to reputation grinds.
  3. Secondary Professions: I already have 375 first aid on all my level 70 characters but I want to get cooking to 375 on at least 2 more and hopefully fishing to 375 on one more. I have one alt with fishing 275 so that should not be too hard. The cooking grind is starting from 0 so that may take me a little time. With the information coming out of beta about the different dailies I think they are going to be a lot of fun, a nice way to get some new recipes, and possibly make money with the new tokens being a reward that are as of recently still BoE.
  4. Clean House: Not my house, and certainly not your house. No I am talking about all the bank slots I currently have between my main, alts, and specific bank toons I have. Actually this process has already started with me trying to liquidate everything I will not personally need going into Lich King, and all raw materials with the exception of herbs. I have a bank character right now that is almost full with herbs on the off chance I decide I want to level inscription, and if not I will sell them off and try to make some money off everyone else leveling inscription. On some items I already missed the boat with prices dropping, but on a lot of items the prices are still fairly decent, if not quite as good as they were a month ago. I am also considering a Alt Bank Guild to see if that makes my inventory a little more organized.
  5. Stockpile materials : I know that all professions are going to be getting easier recipes to level from 350 + on but if you already have some recipes that do not require major materials , and that you can get some easy skillups past 375 than I think it would be dumb not to be prepared to get a few more skillups with Outland materials. Right now I have enough bars to fully level BS from 0 – 375, with enough left over to most likely get a few extra points above 375. Same goes for my tailoring and enchanting characters. I still vividly remember the mad rush for materials when TBC was first released and how much competition there was for every single node and mob, and I think it will be much worse in Northrend.

As you can see nothing major, just pretty much the same thing everyone else is doing : money, getting a head start on Achievements , materials, reputation, and of course making more money. While it may not be the most interesting things in the world they are at least enough to keep me interested in logging into the game every day and keep me having some fun.


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