Dealing With UI Issues

Well this was going to be a post about my patch day goodness and playing around with all my new skills and talents on all the 70’s I play, but alas that was not to be.  After the servers already being down for 12 hours when they started coming back up my server still was dead.  About 18 hours after the server first went down I gave up and went to bed and decided to give it a go in the morning.  (thankfully I was off the next day) 

In the morning when I got up the server was going through a restart so I made a split second decision to start my UI totally over from scratch.  I totally erased all my add-on’s along with the WTF folder and decided to only add items when I realized I needed them.  In the end I think this saved me a lot of time since by adding in items slowly I was able to localize any problems and either correct them fast or delete the add on totally and try something different.  As of today I am running only the bare minimum in mods:  X-perl for my unit frames, Dominos for my bar mod (this is the new version of BONGOS), Deadly Boss Mods, Prat (chat add on), Auctioneer, and Basic Minimap.  There are several other mods I normally use (threat meter, cartographer, etc…) but I either can not find a working version of them at this time or I just do not feel the need for them. 

The one suggestion I have for anyone who is still trying to fix their UI is just delete everything and start over.  Yeah it takes a little more time, but in the end I am much happier with my layout than I was, and I picked up a few more FPS by deleting some of the add-on’s I no longer needed. 

(pics will be posted this coming week)


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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start over from scratch as well. The UI that I was running pre-patch was salvaged from a UI that worked correctly before the last big patch, so I had a lot of things that were insanely old, but managed to make work. I think that it would have just died outright if I had logged in this time.

    I’ve come to rely on a lot of little addons that I will be hard pressed to leave out. That will be my hard part.

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