Kara : A PuG’s Playground

So last night I decided since I had some free time I would chill in the LFG channel and see if anyone might need a tank for a Kara run.  I had been in the channel less than 30 seconds when I got a whisper asking if I was available for a full clear, I said yes, and I was invited into the raid.  Last dps spot got filled about 30 seconds later and off we went. 

Now I do not normally run with Pug raids since there is just too much opportunity for people to screw up a run, but since my guild is barely doing any runs at all I decided it was my best chance to test out all my new skills.  Lucky for me this was pretty much a set raid group that runs Kara every week but since they had one tank not show they decided to pug that spot and I was lucky enough to get it.  So even though I was not familiar with them, and they were not familiar with me, it looked very promising for a fun night. 

The 2 tanks for the night were me (protection pally) and a druid tank.  We did not really assign a MT it was just pretty much decided whatever mobs were hitting you than that is what you were tanking, and if you were not tanking something than be looking to pull another group.  No CC, no traps, just mass AoE tanking fun. 

As soon as everyone was in we started pulling and just let people buff as we were moving.  I kept Sanctuary up on me and the druid tank, and only put up other blessings when I either thought about it or before boss fights.  Attumen was a joke before and now he is even more of a joke.  Moroes, ditto.  Remember when you used to set up the kill order and than shackle something, and burning something down, and hunter trap something, etc…  No more.  We put a mark on Moroes, I threw my avenger’s shield and off we were to just kill everything.  I handled pretty much all the adds while the druid tank took Moroes himself.  We just AoE’ed everything down and kept on moving.  (one vanish on Moroes and that was only because we burned down all the add’s before Moroes) 

Maiden… down.  Opera event was Big Bad Wolf and he went down with no problem.  When we started clearing the Curator trash we were pulling 2 – 3 groups at a time to speed up.  No problem there.  Curator was below 50% before his first evocation and we burned him down on that.  Illhoff was a joke with me just being on him, using consecration to keep everything on me and we just burned him straight down.  Shade went off without a hitch.  Netherspite I hate and I was the only death on that fight (first death of night so embarrassing).  I was on first red beam and we kept having lag spikes and I was having trouble dancing in and out of the beam until I was down to only 1 health.  Splat I went.  They burned him down anyway.  Chess event was a little different.  They have changed up the UI some and if you are using X-perl like me you can not right click off buffs.  So when a character dies you are unable to click off the buff to grab another piece and continue the fight.  I had to go into options, turn off X-perl, click off the player control buff, and than I was able to control another piece.  Still we won with no problem.  (would have really been embarrassing to wipe on chess)  Nightbane bugged out on us at about 15% and while he was beating on us and us beating on him neither of us were taking damage.  After about 10 minutes of this we all got disconnected from server.  Once everyone was back in he had despawned and had to be summoned again.  No problem and he went down without much of a fight.  Prince got off 1 infernal before he hit the floor.  Only loot I took of the night was the T4 head piece from Prince and that is not much of an upgrade but it did add some more strength and thus more damage. 

So after all this what have I learned?  Tanks do damage, I mean lots of damage.  I have both a pally tank and a warrior tank and with both of them I am used to seeing me hitting for small numbers and being hit for big numbers.  Now we hit for big numbers.  I will call it “screen shock” the first time you see some of the big crits we are capable of now.  Threat was no problem at all for the Kara run, actually pally threat is currently possibly bugged and thus generating even more threat than it is supposed to.  Granted Kara has always been a pally paradise for the undead, but last night there was never a time I could not rip threat off the druid tank if I wanted to, no matter how long I waited before starting in.  While this is good for pally tanks it is bad for other tanks and I would like to see it either fixed or have other tanks threat moved up to better be equal. 

At the end of the night I was 3rd on damage meters which is a lot different than I am used to since before I was almost always last.  The druid was 7th but since I never played a druid I have no idea if that is good or bad, they never had trouble tanking a mob it was just a matter of giving them a large enough head start and than watching my threat. 

Overall though it was a fun night minus the several server lag’s and crash’s.  I hope Blizzard gets the server issues worked out before Nov 13th.


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