A Few Blog Changes

1st I have transferred all my characters from Thrall server to Terokkar with the free realm transfers. At first I was very reluctant since I enjoy being on a populated server, but in the end I just did it. After about a month on the new server I am very happy I transferred. One of the best servers I have played on so far, not overly crowded (most I have been is 100 in line to get in game), economy has enough people involved to keep a good selection of items and prices, and most of all I really like my new guild Harmony.  Not a die hard raiding guild but more like a very large family where there is a lot of fun and raiding going on. I really like it with them and hopefully they feel the same way.

2nd I have renamed 2 of my characters upon transfer. My pally went from being Honorshammer to being LittleHonors.  I was starting to feel like a closet stalker to the real Honorshammer so I made the choice about LittleHonors. I still have Honors in my name though to show respect to how much Honor’s Code
Blog has taught me as a player. I also changed the name of the warrior from Durik to Molle.  As I have said previously the warrior started off as my wife’s character so it was a female character and it just felt weird having this pretty human female warrior named Durik. When I used to play Eve Online the head of the corporation I was in was named SirMolle and since he was the person I most respected in that game I chose the Molle part of his name. Plus it really suits my female character much better




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2 responses to “A Few Blog Changes

  1. SirMolle

    Errrrrrrrrrm, you made me a FEMALE?!?!?! *grmbl*

  2. wowtank101

    @ SirMolle

    Sorry about that Shrike. Hard to believe your influence spans across not only the whole Eve Online galaxy but across other games as well.

    Your still the best commander I have ever served with.

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