I Am Still Alive !!!

No I am not dead I have just merely been overwhelmed with some other items going on in my life. 

First off I was a participant in the NaNoWriMo write a 50,000 word novel in a month madness.  I just finished mine yesterday and got it verified so I am done with that for a while.  I knew going in it would be tough but I did not really realize just how tough until the last week or so.  At least it is done.

Second I experienced the Nightmare Before Wraith of Lich King release.  On Wednesday prior to release I was in the process of getting everything all set up in my office for the start of my grind to 80.  All add-ons had been updated and snacks and drinks had been strategically placed for my refreshment.  About 2 hours before I was going to leave for the midnight launch party at my local Game Stop I for some stupid reason decided to update my XP Pro to service pack 3 since that is what WoLK was calling for.  Granted I had never had an problems with service pack 2 but since I thought it might help my system run WoW better I would just go on and do it so there would be no problems with my WoLK install and playing.  In hindsight it was the worst decision I have made in recent history.  Everything downloaded fine, looked like it installed fine, the little box popped up and said installation was complete and I needed to restart the computer for all changes to take place.  Restarted computer and BANG, my windows installation has been corrupted.  When we moved I had lost my original install disc so I knew from the get go I was screwed.  Called Microsoft support and wasted 2 hours on the phone with a technician who I honestly think was reading a “Computer Troubleshooting for Dummy’s” book.  I mean they were clueless.  As a side note when you are already really having a bad day, and than you call someone who is supposed to be able to help you and they suck at there job, it really makes for a bad experience. 

After once I calmed down (about 4 am) I went to bed and awoke early to call a computer repair shop I had dealt with before and see what there back up time on repair was.  I knew it normally took a week for them to get a unit in and out for repair so I was not optimistic.  Lucky for me they had an opening and said if I could drop it down that day they should have it back early Friday morning.  True to there word they had the computer ready at lunchtime on Friday, and the really surprising part is they only charged me $62 to repair the windows installation, burn me a windows xp pro replacement disc, and make sure service pack 3 installed properly this time.  As always I was very impressed with the company and even more impressed with the price they charged me. 

So I was delayed getting my leveling going but in the end that might have helped me.  Originally I was planning on a mad rush to 80 but I decided to take a more leisurely approach to the grind this time.  Especially since it seems Blizzard has put so much effort into the environment and quest details that I feel bad skipping anything.


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