Diagnosis : Writer’s Blah

Well I had almost totally given up on coming back to blogging anytime soon. I was having trouble finding my writing voice, it was just so easy to keep making excuses, and as most people know the longer you delay doing something the easier it becomes to keep putting it off. Plus I kept using the excuse that I had nothing different to say and I was just a single voice in the sea of millions of other bloggers. That last line is true, but after thinking about it I decided it was not a valid excuse. I started this blog to give me an outlet to write about different things that pop into my rather large head, to chronicle the adventures of my characters, and to just plain out vent sometimes. Do I want other people to read my thoughts? Hell yes, that is the dream of every aspiring blogger. Required? No.

Anyway I read about 75 different blogs every day and it was through a feed that I got redirected to a site called Binary Colors. (sorry but I am not sure what site redirected me to this site) I have never ever been to this site, but after reading the 1st blog post I was hooked and went back and read every blog post this author had posted. One warning is it is not totally safe for less mature people and you might not want your boss to look over your shoulder and read all the text. There are no inappropriate images but they use very forceful language where they feel it is called for. To be honest it fits so well in the context of how they write I can not imagine it without it.

So the first blog I read is titled Writer’s Blah. This is a masterpiece for people like me who through the art of procrastination stayed away from my writing for a while and ended up getting into a cycle of continually making excuses to stay away for longer. Reading this blog did something that I myself have been unable to accomplish for over a month, it got me writing again. Not any better writing than before, actually right now it looks a lot worse than my other writing, but I figure there is no place to go but up and at least I am putting words down again. We all have to start some place.

One other warning about Binary Colors: I would like to suggest that you have nothing in your mouth the first time you start reading the blog post. I made the terrible mistake of drinking a Nestea Lemon while reading it for the first time and it did not feel very good coming out of my nose when I started laughing uncontrollably. Of course if you like that type of thing than just disregard previously issued warning.

** UPDATE ** After doing some searching I found out it was Galadria at Galadria’s Corner.


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