Gear Comparing

I would like to refer everyone to this post on Honors Code Blog :  Honor’s On Gear Comparison

Yeah I am the person who sent him that email and I really appreciate his thoroughness in answering my question and not only that but doing a full blog post on the subject. If you are a protection paladin looking for direction and advice I can not say enough about how helpful Honorshammer is and has been to me. I have sent emails out to other bloggers I am lucky if I get back a few word response but the 2 times I have contacted Honorshammer he has been most helpful both in email and blog form with answering my questions.

Now as for the gear question he answers I truly do suck at math and as much as I hate it I am now following his advise and going though each possible upgrade and comparing it to my current gear and seeing both the plus and minus of switching to that gear piece. The one problem I am having as we progress though Naxx 25 is that while I am staying above 540 defense it is not by much and since I put a lot more value on high effective health pieces this sometimes leaves me getting very close to falling below 540 and thus several times I have had to switch gems or gear around to maintain that level.

One thing I am happy about is that now after this last patch and the few upgrades I got last week I am sitting close 38k health fully buffed, defense capped, and over the 102.4% block cap. So I am really starting to feel like I am able to main tank pretty much any encounter currently in game. There are still some major upgrades for me in Naxx 25 but for some of them they are becoming more “sidegrades” or pieces I would use in specific instances.

Another note is that while I do carry numerous pieces of gear with me for almost any situation I encounter I am not like most tanks that have whole sets for trash, and this mob, and that boss, and this pull here, and that pull over there. Ever since I started tanking it has been driven into my head that threat will come with a good rotation and defense will come with better gear, but you always need more health so you can take more hits. I know that is a subject of much conflict on a lot of websites about how each tank gears but that has fit my play style best and the one I feel most comfortable with. Plus I do not really see any point to gearing for threat right now since Pallys have absolutely no problem holding threat on trash or boss’s over anyone other than another pally.


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