I Have Reins of the Bronze Drake !!!

You ever join a group and just know from the start that it is full of fail? Ever been wrong? Yeah that’s what I was thinking too, but my group on Saturday night might just be a 1st for changing that.

It all started when I saw a group advertising they needed a Tank for H CoT. It is one of the more fun instances for a pally tank so I decided to offer my services. Once getting in the group we only needed a healer before we could start and before long a healer from my guild joined the group. The group had no more than got filled up when the mage says he wants us to let him have the frozen orb since he needs it. We politely explain that he is welcome to greed on it just like everyone else. At this point he starts cursing and telling us how horrible we are. Me and the healer discuss in guild chat that we are not willing to risk getting locked to an instance with a person like this in the group. So we both drop group. Seconds later I get a tell from the mage screaming at me to which I politely respond, “and you have a nice day also”, but he had already ignored me. (side note: you ever notice how when someone is really pissed off at you that by being even nicer to them is just makes them that more mad? Isn’t that a lot of fun to do? )

So anyway me and the healer drop group and start looking to make another instance run. Before we get to far though the original group creator from our first fail group whispers me that he kicked the mage and would we please come back. We discuss it and surprisingly we decided to go back to the group. Fill the last dps slot and off to CoT we go.

The group make up looked like this : Paladin Tank (me), Paladin Healer, Paladin DPS (ret), Death Knight DPS, and a Hunter dps. Interesting group make up but since both the healer and I were decently geared we thought we would be fine.

Prior to starting the event I tell everyone I would like to push hard for the Drake Timer but if we realized we were not going to make it we would just slow down. I honestly knew from the start we would never make the timer but since I really wanted the Bronze Drake I needed all the practice I could get with speeding up pulls and killing mobs.

The event starts and we tear though the mobs like a hot knife through butter. 3 paladins in a group can really mess up a bunch of bad undead guys. The ret pally was running ahead of the group aggroing all the little mobs and I was pulling all the large groups to him and together we would just AoE the crap out of them. Now I would like to say that at this point in time I was watching the timer but honestly I was having so much fun speed pulling and running thru the instance I was not even thinking about it. The first 3 boss’s went down with no trouble at all and the only real downtime we had was waiting for the very mouthy Artha’s to keep spitting out his role playing mumbo jumbo. (another note: after about 10 times in an instance there should be a way to skip all the non important talking bits and just let there be more killing of mobs)

We reached the back bookcase and went through and got ready for the last gauntlet. At this point we had a little less than 5 minutes left on the timer and it was looking like we might have a real shot at the Infinite Corruptor. I tell everyone to just keep up with me since I am not stopping.

Myself and the ret pally start grabbing mobs and just pulling them through the gauntlet. The best way I have found for me is to run about 1/3 of the way into the gauntlet. Get good AoE threat going on them and than just start backing my way through the gauntlet pulling the mobs as I go and making any new mobs run though my consecration.

In party chat I tell everyone to not talk to Arthas at the end of the gauntlet since we are going directly to the optional boss (big thanks to Tankspot forums for even pointing out this is possibly, most people think you have to kill Mal’ganis and than Infinite Corruptor, but that is not true)

Gauntlet comes to an end and we have less than 2 minutes. Anxiety is starting to build in me at this point. I take off racing towards where the optional boss should be and when I look up there are still 2 party members standing at Arthas and telling me to come back that the boss is the other way. (ok so maybe not all the fail was kicked out of the party at the beginning)

Lucky for me the healer is with me and 1 dps so I tell the other 2 to get over to us and I engage Infinite Corruptor.  At this point we have a little less than a minute to kill him. I some how remembered reading some place (probably Tankspot or Maintankadin) that when the timer is up he walks back to the portal and through so if you are running really close on time pull him away from the portal to give the group a few extra seconds to kill him before he reaches the portal. So I start pulling him back towards the entrance to Mal’ganis’ room and when I reach about ¾ of the way back to Arthas the timer expires and he starts heading towards the portal. All out dps and when he is about 2 feet from the portal he falls over dead. 5 party members all get the Achievement : The Culling of Timer  and in the loot window is the Reins of the Bronze Drake . I tell everyone to roll need so there are no mistakes. I figure with the terrible luck I normally have on these random drops than I have about a snowball’s chance in hell of getting it and I start heading back to Arthas to finish the instance. Imagine my surprise when I see that I won the roll. This short rolly polly plate wearing dwarf was dancing all over that instance (all over my office in real life also. But I am not a dwarf in real life. But I am rolly polly. But if we ever meet I would probably not start off the conversation with Hi Mr. Rolly Polly)

So we finish the instance and I am still just astounded that not only did we get the timer achievements but we did it with a PuG group that started off so full of fail that 2 of us had left the group and had to nearly be begged to go back to. In the end though it all worked out.


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