New Gear List

You ever get about 90% of the way through a very tough assignment and than happen across a website with the answer all spelled out in nice and easy to understand terms?  Don’t you hate it when you sit their and tell yourself that at least you learned something by doing the 90% you did?  I am so at that point right now.

I have been sitting in front of two monitors for the past 10 hours with WoW Armory on one with my character profile and Aleyona from Maintankadins Gear List  on the other screen. I have went through every single piece of gear I currently have equipped, and than compared it to each individual piece on that list and than worked out with proper gemming and enchants what I would be gaining and losing by equipping that piece.  As has beem previously discussed I suck at math so this has been like a 10 hour homework assignment for me.

Anyway I was just putting the final touches on my list and starting to number each one in the order I rank them when I decided to take a break and read some forums for a little while to give me eyes a break.

So I venture on over to the Maintankadin Forums and low and behold Cidx has posted his Best In Slot Gear List , and not only is it a easy to follow list but he goes into detail about why he has chosen each and every piece. After looking at the list I realized that with the exception of the legs and the 2nd ring we agreed on every single choice. Problem is after reading his conclusions for choosing which one he did I have managed to see the error in my ways and I now agree with him totally. (Hey I said I sucked at math but at least I was trying)


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