Reverse Loot Drama

Well I had an interesting situation arise after Heigan this past week and it is one I have never really dealt with before. You see I try my best to avoid the drama that goes with loot and for the most part I do a very good job of staying totally out of the conversations. The guild I am in uses an EPGP (effort points/gear points) system and it helps to even further eliminate any chance of loot drama.

Anyway as has been discussed in this blog previously I have pretty much finalized my gear plan and my gear goals until the next content is released. It is a fluid list that can be modified and adapted to any situation that could arise but in reality I am fairly happy with the choices on the list and thus I have already started working towards getting those pieces.

So the drama started when after the Heigan kill the Breastplate of Tormented Rage dropped. I am currently wearing the Heroes Redemption Breastplate (t7) and my gear plan has me upgrading to the Valorous Redemption Breastplate
(t7.5) which drops off the 4 horseman chest. Now when you look at the comparison between the BoTR and the HRB yes it is an upgrade but at the same time we easily kill 4 horsemen each week so it is not a long shot that within the next week or so I could have the token piece for the t7.5 chest. So I did not Bid on the BoTR. Both of the other tanks already had it so it was sharded. This made one of the officers upset since he felt I should have taken that chest piece since there is no guarantee the pally chest token will drop next week. Which is very true who knows when a certain loot piece is going to drop. But I really am not depending on that piece for any progression kill so I am content with waiting until I get my chance at the loot I want for my gear plan.

I just could not get him to understand my point of view and while I could fully understand what he meant, I would not embrace his point of view either. So it was a stalemate.

I think some people think I am hoarding my EPGP points for the better gear and they feel that is wrong. I guess in some ways you look at it I am doing that, but they feel like all the best loot pieces are on the very end boss’s and that is not always true. On this same night I won the Ablative Chitin Girdle from Maxeena (#1 belt on my list) and the Mantle of the Lost Conqueror token off Loatheb. (holy shit those shoulders are ugly) As a side note I had technically won the shoulder token the week prior but one of the other tanks was still wearing the Saronite shoulders so I passed the token to him. Loot whore is not something I consider myself.

So how do you handle planning for loot? In my opinion it was not worth it to me to win a chest piece that might only last me for a week or so and by taking it hurt my chances at some of the other loot pieces. Do not get me wrong if the t7.5 token dropped off a boss that we were not killing or I felt that the other piece would give us a better chance at a progression kill than I would have taken it in a heartbeat, but that is not the case. Guess it all just comes down to how everything is perceived.


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