Making the Jump to Jewelcrafting

Well I finally made the change. After debating the plus’s and minus’s for the better part of 2 weeks I finally decided to drop enchanting and level jewel crafting last night. Why was this a hard decision? Because I had 450 enchanting with all WoLK enchants. What made it easier was the fact that I have enchanting around 400 on one of my alts so that will still allow me to enchant my gear and DE most other items.

Why did I make the decision? After reading tons of articles, forums posts, and just talking to several trusted tanks both in game and in email I realized that it would overall give me much more flexibility with my stats to have JC and using the 3 dragon’s eye. So I lost 48 stamina from the ring enchants but I gained a very nice stamina trinket and 3 either +stamina, +dodge, OR +defense dragon’s eye. So in the big picture I actually gained much more than the 48 stamina I was getting from the ring enchants.

Why did I not drop mining? Because I like it. Not a good enough reason for you? Well since the 3.08 patch change when they made the mining buff +50 stamina instead of +500 hp it scales much better and in case your math is very bad the +50 stamina from mining is 2 more stamina than the ring enchants give.

What was the cost of this little endeavor? About 3300 gold from out of pocket. You would have thought since I spent so much time contemplating the change that I would have been stock piling materials but I was not so instead of farming the mat’s myself I just bought everything straight off the auction house. The 3300 gold figure is how much I spent before earning back any of the money from having my alt DE a lot of the items and selling anything else on the AH. My opinion is it is going to end up costing me approximately 1000g after I sell all the items on the AH. That does not bother me in the least since I think I can make that money back in under a week or so with a few JC — > DE items.

So we will see how this goes now. I spent so much time thinking about it that finally I had to make a decision and either go with it or just keep enchanting. I decided to take the risk and see what happens. This now gives me a main with Mining and Jewel crafting, priest alt with tailoring and enchanting, warrior alt with mining and BS (maxed), and 2 other level 70+ alts that I occasionally play with mining and skinning. So farming materials should not be a problem, and hopefully I will be able to make use of all my professions to make even more money on the AH.




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