About Me

I am 31 years old, married, and my wife and I just had our first child on Oct 24th, a baby boy. So I am a very proud papa. I work full time in a 911 emergency communications center so I enjoy my WoW time as an escape from the cruel reality of the world. Outside of playing WoW I enjoy fishing, watching the Steelers, and watching the Orioles lose more than I care to admit.

Warcraft is only the second MMORPG that I have ever seriously played. I played Eve Online from beta all the way up to the beginning of beta for WoW. I enjoyed great success in Eve and still miss all the friends I have there. I still do have an account there but rarely log in anymore except to train skills. I probably will deviate a little in my blog occasionally to throw in bits and pieces from Eve and discuss why I made the change over to WoW.

As far as my wow characters I currently have a 70 Dwarf Protection Pally (main), 70 Dwarf Hunter (beast mastery), 70 Draeni Priest (holy), and a 70 Gnome Mage (frost). I know when you list them out it appears I have no life but I have been playing since closed beta and created my first account on the first day servers went live. I like to play them all but they all have there different purpose in game. Most have different professions, and totally different play styles which help me to always maintain my interest in WoW.


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